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UW Public Service Fair Spring 2015

On Monday, September 21, 2015 the Defy Inertia team attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison Public Service Fair. This event provided non-profit organizations and government agencies an opportunity to reach UW-Madison students. During the fair and networking event, organizations were invited to share information on volunteer opportunities, internships, part-time and full-time positions. The Defy Inertia team members shared information on what we do as an organization and how students are able to get involved to help support us achieve our goals. We also spoke about organizational plans for 2015, as well as our future plans to bridge the gap between young prospective leaders, and today's inspiring successful leaders of our communities, and around the world. This event was sponsored by the College of Letters and Science Career Services & the Morgridge Center for Public Service.


To the Board: Thank all of you for coming together to initiate a strong new Board. This gives our past team, including myself solace, knowing that responsibilities bestowed on our 5 member board, is now consumed by a greater 11 member board, made up of diverse strengths, passions, and characters. Also, Sonam and Melissa you deserve many praises, for logistically coordinating and planning this important meeting with thoughtfulness, care urgency, and bon appetite eatable foods. Many thanks to the entire board present, including members, all taking part in making this a team effort. An effort of planned work, designed to keep our organization healthy; while making us a contender; and offering unique programs and projects open to the world at large. We will build from here, on a firm foundation, completed basement, and portion of first floor. Now we will take our good work, our message, programs, and products to our communities. Now, congratulation to all elected Officers, Committee members, and appointed Committee Chairs. This gives me hope, now once again, a new beginning. Ray Smith, CEO, Chair and Founder


Nina and Ray attended "Africa Fest 2014." Ray is a member of the African Association Scholarship Committee. There were 5 recipients awarded scholarships. They are attending colleges and universities of higher learning this fall. Ayza Churina stars in the video production of "A Cafeteria Recipe." This production is designed as an educational tool for prospective and current leaders of our communities. It is entertaining and thought-provoking. It has satire, drama, and poetry for all to enjoy. A low budget movie of "A Cafeteria Recipe" will be produced in Madison and is anticipated to be released in the latter part of 2015.


Upcoming Events
"A Night of Leadership and Artistic Performance" Enjoy theatrical and musical performances at this free community event put on by Defy Inertia! "A Night of Leadership and Artistic Performance" will feature a community fashion show, a live band, a dance performance, several speeches, and a short theatrical performance. Light refreshments and appetizers will be provided. Grab your friends and enjoy the show! Donations and sponsorships will be accepted, and all proceeds will go towards Defy Inertia initiatives, including scholarships.


We look forward to seeing you there!


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