Become A Member

If you are passionate and support Defy Inertia's mission, memberships are a great way to be involved. Some of the benefits of being a member include:

  • Mentoring and internships with wise successful leaders
  • Networking with other passionate, young, self-directed prospective leaders
  • Receiving e-newsletters and correspondences informing you of current and upcoming events
  • Receiving the agenda and minutes of Defy Inertia's open and closed meetings
  • Accessing member sign-in blog available through the Defy Inertia website
  • Serving on one of the many program committees:
    • Fundraising
    • Events and entertainment planning
    • Education and training
    • Outreach
    • Scholarship

  • An opportunity through dedication, volunteerism, and current member status, to serve on the board by election