Who We Are

Defy Inertia Inc. was founded in 2012 by Ray Smith, CEO and chairman. Throughout his various careers, he naturally sought leadership and self-empowerment. He created a methodology designed to bridge the gap from the passionate, young, self-directed prospective leaders into wise successful leaders.

Defy Inertia is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that supports both current and prospective leaders throughout their educational and career journeys by providing the needed resources to succeed.

These resources include the opportunity to connect with inspiring leaders through:

  • Mentorship and internship programs
  • Educational and learning conferences
  • Debates, workshops, seminars, and group discussions
  • Topic-oriented public speaking engagements

Along with networking, the team at Defy Inertia provides a sense of connectivity through online media sources, including a blog available for sign-in members, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a YouTube channel that can be accessed through the defyinertia.org website. There are outlets for artistic expression which includes Defy Inertia's stage band, dance troupe, art group, and inspiring dramatic actors and actresses.

There are many opportunities for educational support, through the outreach scholarship and sponsorship programs made possible through the kind support from volunteers, sponsors, contributors, and donors.

If you are passionate, want to be involved, and support Defy Inertia's mission, memberships and sponsorships are available at this time. With your support and involvement, we can provide prospective leaders the resources needed to realize their passions and powers within, and suceed in making positive and effective changes to themselves, their communities, and the world.